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Why is Keyword Research Important?

,Every websites SEO strategy should begin with keyword research. Why? Because keywords form the starting point of your customers journey when searching online. 

If your website is making good use of keywords, you will improve your rankings and gain that much coveted, targeted traffic that converts into sales. 

We start by finding out what common keywords your customers are searching for. 

We then need to analyse what are the most profitable keywords for your website, how to use them and where to place them on your website. 

Along the way, we need to also take into account what keywords will be currently achievable for your website to rank for. This means looking the current search volumes, difficulty and competitiveness of each keyword too. Certain keywords will be harder to rank for than others, meaning it can take a longer time to rank for and or beat the competition. 

Targeting keywords that will be quick wins for your website can lead to a boost in your websites visibility in the Google SERPS  (search engine results pages) and lead to increases in traffic to your website. 

Our Keyword Research Process

Gather Keywords

We begin by looking at the the products and services you offer, including your target market e.g. location and demographics.  

Create Keyword Research Lists

Using SEO tools we will analyse keywords based on their search volumes, difficulty and user intent. 

Outline a Keyword Map

Using the most profitable and achievable keywords we will outline a keyword map. This shows how to implement and use the keywords across your site. 

Optimise using keywords

Your websites pages, products and posts now need to be updated to be optimised using the keywords found for you. 

Generate new content

Using our keyword map, create new blog posts or ideas that can be used to capture your customers attention and drive them to your website. 

Watch those rankings grow

Now it´s time to see the effects of a good keyword strategy as by monitoring your keywords and watching your site climb through the search results. 

Keyword Research Packages

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