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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to see improvements on my website?

While it depends on many factors, there should be noticeable improvements with some aspects of your website within 3 – 6 months. This is based on the assumption that you take all the actions we suggest ASAP or that we implement them for you as part of an SEO package. 

Do you provide a monthly SEO Service?

Yes, we can tailor a package specifically to suit your SEO needs to help your website reach its full potential. Monthly packages include the added benefits of keyword and rank tracking for your website so we can see how your site is progressing.

What are the benefits of your monthly SEO package compared to one off purchases? 

 Competitors can also invest in effective SEO services and therefore can make them worthy opponents of that coveted high Google position. If they maintain consistent SEO strategies on their website but you don’t, this can also mean that they can easily overtake you in the rankings. Obviously if you are pushed down to a lower Google position, the click through rates to your website will be affected, which could mean more traffic goes to every other website but yours. Ongoing maintenance is the key here. 

I am happy to do my own SEO updates on my website.  How can you help?

 That’s great, we want to empower our clients with SEO knowlege! We are happy to provide the needed guidance for you to take care of your websites SEO in an easy to follow, jargon free way. 

I don’t want to be tied into a monthly SEO contract but I need someone to update my websites SEO. Can you do that?

Absolutely, get in touch with us to discuss your needs. 

My report suggests new blog posts that should be created. Do you do that? 

Yes! We have access to experienced copywriters and can arrange this content to be written for you. Ask us for details. 

Do I need backlinks for my website?

Yes. Backlinks definitely help to boost your website’s authority and trust in the eyes of Google. But not just any backlinks, they need to be good quality and relevant to your industry. We will find those good websites for you and provide them in a list for you to email directly or contact by other means.

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