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On Site SEO Packages

Boost your website’s SEO and rocket through the rankings with our choice of Pay As You Go or Monthly SEO Packages.

If you prefer to offhand all your SEO and let it be handled by the experts then our monthly package is the best choice for you.

Optional SEO Package Extras

Link Building Boost Package

 A compiled list of prospective websites for you to gain links. High quality and relevant to your business. 

£199 per list, with a minimum of 50 prospective websites. 

Social Media Marketing

Our social media management packages can help boost your business brand, presence and authority. 

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Technical Site Audits

We will provide a complete technical analysis of your whole website. The aim is to identify any critical issues on your site that could be having an impact on your search engine rankings.

We’ll look at your websites page speeds, URL structures, broken links, sitemaps, SSL issues, metadata usage, duplicate content and other factors.

You will receive a full report explained in a simple, jargon-free way. It will provide a list of the errors or improvements that you will need to complete. Or if you prefer we can implement these for you as part of our Supreme SEO Package.



Keyword Research

Keyword research forms a fundamental part of SEO and is essential for any website.

Our keyword research process involves identifying popular phrases or words that people enter into Google to look for services or products like yours. 

We assess where you are currently appearing in the Google searches and suggest other keyword terms that should be included in our website.

Competitor Analysis

This begins by identifying who are your top competitors based on the current keywords you rank for, and the ones you want to rank for.  

We will look at what’s working for your competitors and why they are beating you in the rankings.

It involves us looking at their keywords, current content, and backlink strategy. 

Why reinvent the wheel? If it’s working for them, it can work for you too. So we show you how to replicate their strategy to not just match their positions, but more importantly overtake them!

Keyword Mapping

This is a roadmap for the future planning for your website. We compile a list of practical actions that you can take over the coming weeks. It includes a suggested list of new blog posts to create, new product collections or categories and extra pages that could be added to build out your website. 

We ‘map out’ or group keywords, assigning them to each page and showing you how best to include them.

If you would like us to oversee and implement this task then choose the Supreme SEO Package. 


Website Optimisations

With a technical site audit completed,  a keyword research list, competitors analysed and a keyword map, it’s time to implement everything we’ve gathered and use it to improve your website.

This means adapting, updating, and improving your existing pages. This can also mean creating new blog posts to help attract your target customer or audience.

By using proper title tags, meta descriptions, image alt tags, internal linking, and more, your site is sure to see a boost in its visibility. 

Link Building Boost

Crucial for increasing your websites Domain Authority, Traffic and Trust. 

Without backlinks your site could lag behind or be overtaken easily by competitors in the search engine results pages.

Our link building boost is compiled list of prospective websites for you to attain backlinks from.  Each tailored list includes contact details of the site owner so you can get started right away emailing them with your link proposals. Minimum of 50 vetted websites. 



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Friendly, approachable SEO Consultants who can assist with any aspect of your SEO efforts. 

With many years of experience in SEO and Digital Marketing. We are happy to share our knowledge with our customers to help your business succeed!

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